Catering & canopy.

Catering is kind of tough. I have no idea who gives a reasonable price & provides GREAT food. I should settle this at least a 6 months ahead/within that period..I dunno..still need to do a lot of search & comparison. I guess I would have to do some food tasting with sadal to decide.

I Arab cuisine. I especially ♥♥ chicken mandy! I’m thinking of having this instead of the normal ‘nasi minyak’. It might be more expensive than the usual wedding menus but why not have something different tickle your taste buds? It would be nice to also complement it with ‘Barbican’ malt drinks too. Oh, I also think food should be served buffet-style.

Other than that, I want some kind of a ‘bar’, be it dessert, sundae, or even pies! Or maybe have a few ice cream guys in motorcycles (cute eyh?) come & serve ice cream!!! I came up with this idea after seeing some weddings which have ice cream trucks, but I think my idea is much cuter..imagine 2-4 motorcycles side by side, full of ice cream (hahahaha..i'll probably be in line all the time)!!!

Canopy. Hmmm. Haven’t given much/any thought on this, really. =p
I don’t really care, as long as it covers the eating area (which I so want the tables (preferably rectangle or square, not round) to be arranged in a long line, not the usual round tables which takes more space & separates people). Anyway..maybe can get this together with the catering.

Okay, out of ideas. Next!
, jM

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