I wish I can always pull off something nice, but it is so difficult when what is available is either small or too pricey. Mix & matching things yesterday ended up in the photo above. I quite like it.  =)

Anyway, yeah..it is so hard to be plus size & stylish at the same time..or maybe just here in Malaysia, where people are so petite/skinny..so, not much plus size items available. Boo.

I wish there was someone like Hana Tajima that would cater for plus sizes too (or could that person be me?!) Aha. I wish. Hmm...my mom has always been pushing me to go for fashion/tailoring classes. Maybe I too could pull it off like Hana.  =)

We'll see. If not, we will all (plus sizes peeps) have to wait & wait, to either -kg, buy expensive items from whatever is available or if luck sides with us, get to have people creative like Hana Tajima (I know, I keep mentioning her, so what?) cater plus sizes!

Okay, bye..gotta go get ready for work!

* I will also try my best to put whatever ramblings going on in my head to the net. (I know I haven't been posting much lately..as if anyone really is looking forward to any of my posts, but anyway..wtv)


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