kek batik & detik.

On Saturday night, I joined Sadal, Ibu, Atiqah & Aqilah & went to watch Sadal's sister; Ana perform in Detik (after a quite tiring outing with my colleagues, Ain & Elly in Sunway Lagoon plus yummy Ayam Penyek at Wong Solo in Ampang).

The show was great! Loved it. I tip my hat to you guys who made it a success.
Great job guys.

I am crazy for Atiqah's (Sadal's 2nd sister) kek batik!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making some for me (which i immediately ate after watching Detik)! mwwwaaa!
You're the best!

Oh, We also went to Al Rawsha Restaurant after the show too.  =)
I ate my favourite; chicken mandy!

Well, okay.
It's late & I have got to sleep.
Tomorrow's a working day (boo). Haha.
Till my next update, bye.

Wedding attires.

I will be wearing my sister’s baju kurung songket & Sadal will wear baju melayu (he says he doesn’t look good wearing the ‘teluk belanga’ style (which is a Johorian thing), we’ll see what he decides, might be ‘cekak musang’).

I am also playing around with the idea of having a kaftan/abaya-like dress (I wouldn’t want to be running around in a songket  =p). This is if we do decide on having the nikah & walimah done separately, be it on different venues or dates. I would be wearing the songket for nikah & a more casual attire for walimah (be it outdoors/indoors). So, if I do get another dress, Sadal will too (we have to match, don’t we?).

On the other hand, if we settle on a having the nikah & walimah joined on the same day & place...I um..I actually think I really want a kaftan/abaya-like dress (I have it pictured in my head already...). I also think that I should have something else which I can wear again instead of something that isn’t mine & unsuitable for events, maybe..something that we can both wear for our 1st Hari Raya Aidilfitri. So, what do I do? Do I just not wear my sister’s songket? Would it be too troublesome to have wardrobe changes?

I guess I’ll just have to discuss it yet again with my fiancé. Will update once we figure it out. How long do I need to settle this? 5 months prior?

* Oh man, Sadal's aunt has given me her songket fabric. Now what? Hmmmm...I'll update this part when I do actually have to make a decision.


Tok kadi, state religious office, witnesses & maskahwin.

Need to book a tok kadi as soon as I know the dates (at least 2 months prior) & remind him of the timing & venue 1 week & 2 days prior to the wedding day. Make sure we have the fees ready too.

To register at the state religious office of Putrajaya.

Prepare the lafaz akad nikah (is practicing beforehand better?).

To identify my witnesess, which I already know who I want, none other than my dad’s 2 brothers of course...uncle Kamal & uncle Seth. Read somewhere that you have to pay a certain fee to them, hmm..I should check with my uncles & sister as they were her's as well.

Maskahwin is another thing I need to check, I’m not familiar with Putrajaya’s fee.

That'll be all. Toodles.

Legal procedures & documents.

Things to do:
  • Marriage course; to book, attend & get certificate!
  • HIV test; valid for 6 months (I think), so better not do it way in advance, within 2 months prior to the wedding day should be fine.
  • Forms; to get the right forms ready since I will wed in Putrajaya, not anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Documents; get them ready for the forms for submission & to get marriage id!

I guess that’s all for procedures & documents, do I need anything else?

Catering & canopy.

Catering is kind of tough. I have no idea who gives a reasonable price & provides GREAT food. I should settle this at least a 6 months ahead/within that period..I dunno..still need to do a lot of search & comparison. I guess I would have to do some food tasting with sadal to decide.

I Arab cuisine. I especially ♥♥ chicken mandy! I’m thinking of having this instead of the normal ‘nasi minyak’. It might be more expensive than the usual wedding menus but why not have something different tickle your taste buds? It would be nice to also complement it with ‘Barbican’ malt drinks too. Oh, I also think food should be served buffet-style.

Other than that, I want some kind of a ‘bar’, be it dessert, sundae, or even pies! Or maybe have a few ice cream guys in motorcycles (cute eyh?) come & serve ice cream!!! I came up with this idea after seeing some weddings which have ice cream trucks, but I think my idea is much cuter..imagine 2-4 motorcycles side by side, full of ice cream (hahahaha..i'll probably be in line all the time)!!!

Canopy. Hmmm. Haven’t given much/any thought on this, really. =p
I don’t really care, as long as it covers the eating area (which I so want the tables (preferably rectangle or square, not round) to be arranged in a long line, not the usual round tables which takes more space & separates people). Anyway..maybe can get this together with the catering.

Okay, out of ideas. Next!
, jM



I wish I can always pull off something nice, but it is so difficult when what is available is either small or too pricey. Mix & matching things yesterday ended up in the photo above. I quite like it.  =)

Anyway, yeah..it is so hard to be plus size & stylish at the same time..or maybe just here in Malaysia, where people are so petite/skinny..so, not much plus size items available. Boo.

I wish there was someone like Hana Tajima that would cater for plus sizes too (or could that person be me?!) Aha. I wish. Hmm...my mom has always been pushing me to go for fashion/tailoring classes. Maybe I too could pull it off like Hana.  =)

We'll see. If not, we will all (plus sizes peeps) have to wait & wait, to either -kg, buy expensive items from whatever is available or if luck sides with us, get to have people creative like Hana Tajima (I know, I keep mentioning her, so what?) cater plus sizes!

Okay, bye..gotta go get ready for work!

* I will also try my best to put whatever ramblings going on in my head to the net. (I know I haven't been posting much lately..as if anyone really is looking forward to any of my posts, but anyway..wtv)


happy 2011.



I'm an auntie now! yeaay!
my very own nephew.  =))
I've been waiting for him & at last, today..24th december 2010..finally, he came out.
now i can see his little feet that i used to feel kicking on my sister's tummy.


Live Fashion/Love Music.



what a day. just one thing missing. i wish i had my beloved fiancé with me.
i did bring back a few ‘souvenirs’.  =)

*can’t wait to wear my chiffon scarf snood & satin wrap band snood. owh and..i’ll for sure be buying other stuff from maysaa.com. At least now i know her clothes fit me after trying it at the Live Fashion/Love Music event.

*met such wonderful people (maria elena.adriani.shea.ami.jezmine.anna.aimie.myo.alina.hana.irda.dayah.syafiqah.syazwani.myra.sherina.fadhli yunus)

*thank you so much Sadal Melik!


Kuala Lumpur Berselawat.

Alhamdulillah. The event was a success.
May there be more to come. InsyaAllah.

*Mabrook to Al Mawlid, TV AlHijrah & team.



Welcome to the New Year.

All praises to Allah, selawat & salam to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, his family & companions. Save our souls from the temptation of satan, save our spirits from anger that leads us astray, guide us to Your path.

May Allah s.w.t accept all out good deeds & forgive our wrong doings. May Allah guide us, strengthen our Iman, increase our taqwa & servitude towards Him, be among the righteous ones & worthy of seeing Him in the Hereafter.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432.

*Mama & papa, family , Sadal..I you guys so much!

, jM


3f's contest: maysaa scarf to grab & my love of cats.

I'm attempting to win a maysaa's satin wrap band snood which is going to be given away by 3f's flashback for future.
The entry I have chosen, which I like the most is : binatang.

Reason : 
I'm an animal lover..of course I'd choose this entry.  =)

I can go for hours talking about animals, especially cats! I adore them..big and small. For as long as I can remember, I have always had cats. Always. When I was a baby, I had this stuffed kitty, white in colour..I always had it with me..if it fell, I'd cry (I even have a photo of me crying over it, but I don't think I'll post it here..I'm not sure where the photo is & I'm too lazy to go look for it & scan..hehe).

Anyway, at the moment, I have 14 cats, 7 of them kittens.
At one point, I had 17..but all of the kittens died of virus infection (along with many of the neighbours' cats).
I have so many memories with my cats. Thank goodness for the invention of the camera..I have managed to keep photos & videos of my loved ones & always remember them by, even after they're gone.
In May 2009, I had taken 3 kitties from my fiancé. I named them tukii², pikuu & buubu. I loved them so much, but in November that year, I had to leave them behind with my fiancé's family, & I left for Italy. After I got back, I had this issue with my mom not wanting to have cats in the condo anymore because it's against the nature of cats & yadda². So, his family took them back & took care of them along with the existing cats that were there (star, princess, cotton & others). I visited, bought food & sent them to the vet when needed from then on. Then, things happened.

2010 has not been such a great year for me truthfully. I have lost many cats this year..starting with my beloved buubu in January. He was great..even if I had to be a slave to him (he caused me many backaches for cleaning his mess, he had a bladder problem I think)..anyway, I will always remember him more for his company. Then, tukii² gave birth to 7 kitties in March. Only 1 (cinnamon) of the 7 survived & lived on to be 6 months until one day, she was gone (I think someone took her because she has marble patterns on her). Then in May, tukii² gave birth again to 6, but lost 1 inside her womb (cotton gave birth to 4 too but 1 died as she accidently squished it). 5 lived for about 4 months but 1 by 1 they started to go. Only 1 is still alive & being taken cared of by my fiancé's brother. And recently, in October, yet again, tukii² gave birth to 6 kitties (princess gave birth to 2 before this but 1 died). Owh, & I have a kitty at home which I saved in September. He is bebé..he was covered in grease & stuck under a parked car's tyre. I had initially heard him cry & looked for him & got my hands coloured black when I held him & then decided to go to a petrol station to clean him up & when I got him cleaned up, I felt bad about leaving him behind to fend for himself..so I brought him home & bla² with my mom & got to keep him until now. And now, he is also loved by my mom (who can resist these little creatures huh?)

I love cats. I love the respond I get from them. I love their company. Simply put, I love everything about them.

Well, Azzah..you've got me inspired to blog about my love of cats just by having this contest & pick 1 of your posts to let you know why I love it.  =)
I hope you don't mind reading it all. I have more than this to talk about but that would maybe end up as a book rather than a blog post. hehe. =p

Anyway, fest your eyes on these pictures of my prescious little kitties.

mama with tukii², buubu & pikuu
radin, dot, kokό (alive), jebat, schipp, teja, toffii & barley. In red are cotton's.

Owh, here are 2 blogs that I love, feast on them too.  =)
* cute boys with catsthe catorialist

1 more thing, if you'd like to take part in this contest, click here (ends on 20th November 2010).

Going to take a cat nap. meow.
, jM



Salam AidilAdha!

May all the sacrifices (no matter how small) be accepted, blessed & brings us closer to Him. Amin.
Have a great day!
, jM



Just thought I’d do a post especially to promote my brother-in-law’s songs & stuff.

He is Amer Munawer Yusoff. He was one of the founding members of Ruffedge & has now released 2 singles. Islamic lyrics with r&b-nasyid vibe. The singles are Seluruh Mahabbah & Maha Suci Allah (vid below).

Seluruh Mahabbah

Maha Suci Allah

If you love the songs, you can get a copy of his cd here. You can also have them set as your caller ringtones. Here are the details :

Amer Munawer Yusoff's Caller ringtones (with standard charges)
Seluruh Mahabbah :
Maxis (DIAL) *131*100189154# CALL - (FEE: RM3/month. RM 2 to renew)
Digi (SMS) CT 0099145 to 2000 - (FEE: RM3/1st month; RM2/subsequent months)
Celcom (SMS) CMT 95292 to 22990 - (FEE: RM1)
Umobile (SMS) CT 242832 to 28118 - (FEE: RM3)

Maha Suci Allah :
Maxis (DIAL) *131*100189155# CALL - (FEE: RM3/month. RM 2 to renew)
Digi (SMS) CT 0099146 to 2000 - (FEE: RM3/1st month; RM2/subsequent months)
Celcom (SMS) CMT 95293 to 22990 - (FEE: RM1)

Other than singing, he has other projects under his belt which are Al Mawlid which organizes mawlid & Islamic-related gatherings & also Click-A-Child which is a charity programme. Owh, & Mermotto Shop where they sell Al Mawlid, Click-A-Child & Amer's singles. Jump to their websites for more info.  =)

Okay, that's about it.
, jM



Wow..it's been so looonngg since my last post.
Reason for not updating...well, I haven't sorted out the many pictures I have.
I don't want to post something incomplete. It's all in here..I swear..it's just not ready to be published..hehe..sorry.

Anyway...here's what I have been up to..in terms of food.
Well, at least those that i have actually taken photos of. I always forget..and by the time I remember..the food's gone..or nearly gone & not worthy of a picture.

So far, I have made minestrone, baked potatoes & herbed beef patties in tomato sauce, cannelloni ripieni di spinaci & ricotta, cookies & cream ice cream pie, cous cous with tomatoes, capsicum &lemon chilli chicken & cous cous with baked lemon sole & veg.
That's all. I'm not going to mention those without pictures (lasagne, nasi lemak...etc...hahaha).


, jM


Decor & keepsakes.

Decorations..hmm..I have quite a lot of ideas for decorations..I definately want lots of balloons! Lanterns are nice..but costs more..so..balloons better..maybe I could put some lanterns too..hehe..oohh...parasols are cute too..but, same thing as lanterns here..we'll see. Apart from that..I also like the idea of the whole place being lit by candles..especially if it's at night..like having them on the walkways..or cornering the place & all. I want to make my own initials monogram also..which I think is kinda cool as I can keep & put as deco for our house/room later on.

1. martha stewart weddings, 2. postcards and pretties, 3. with this ring, 4. marry me 2 u, 5. with this ring, 6. i do it yourself, 7. dex knows, 8. my asian wedding favors

Centerpieces; I love these (but I'm not sure if it's necessary).

1. dog n bird, 2. i do it yourself, 3. my wedding report

♥ these for chair decorations..especially the 1st & 3rd photo (would love to have this..but maybe for the bride & groom only...)

1. wedding wire, 2. simply unique weddings and events, 3. wedding.blogdig, 4. kelly oshiro events

Loveeee these wedding signs..wood ones for me please! Then can keep as deco afterwards.  =)

1. things r better with a parrott, 2. 100 layer cake, 3. ruffled blog

Things I would like to include as keepsakes of my wedding..here’s a list (photo below) :
  • Photobooth.
  • Guestbook.
  • Wishes corner.
  • CD of our music selection.

, jM



Very important part as it plays a big role in the outcome of the wedding. So, what shall it be? I'll try to make this as simple as possible though I think it'd be hard for me as I find talking/typing about my ideas for my wedding is actually loads of fun! *sorry to those who don't agree*

Anyway, an outdoor (beach/garden) wedding has always been my preference, luckily for me..sadal loves it too. So, here's the thing, after watching the movie; Lagenda Budak Setan ( the movie btw!)..precisely the big tree on a hill scene at Taman Pertanian UPM, Serdang (thank you sadal for the info) & OMG, I was instantly in love with the place & immediately asked sadal if he thinks there would be a possibility to have a reception there. He said we could ask, but people usually go there to take photos. Anyway, he was excited too about the venue & gave such a great idea! P-I-C-N-I-C. Great idea, right? So, i googled & found that it's actually quite popular. I found so many ideas & I was more & more excited!

And,..here comes the not so good news, as I talked it over again with him & my mom..discussing on the pros & cons..we became unsure on how this idea will fit in with certain people (you know lah, the eldery, custom & all). So, my mom said that maybe I could do it on top of the actual ceremony, with only certain family members & friends who would enjoy the idea..basically, a picnic & some fun activities with them.

Then, I came out with the idea of half & half, half seated & half picnic style, food will also be like that. Ideas flowing (my imagination never stops & I have a hard time making the simplest of decisions)..but I still don’t know what to do about this..pfftt... =(

Anyway, I have this whole idea of having the guests sit on the ground, like you would at a picnic, have picnic food & decorate the place with balloons/lanterns (hanged on the big tree/s), everyone would be relaxed & having fun, kids will get to run around & blow bubbles & have a photobooth..have an ice cream vendor...doesn’t this just scream, FUN? Don’t you just want to let the kid in you out indulge in the fun & enjoy?!!

OMG, I can actually talk for hours & explain my ideas but maybe I better make my own inspiration photo..it’ll be  easier, or else, this might be a very long post. I don’t want to bore any of you with too many details.

southern weddings
1. design sponge, 2. design sponge, 3. weddings in winnipeg, 4. amelia lyon, 5. wedding chicks, 6. johannes van kan:moda fotografica , 7. wedding.blogdig, 8. elizabeth anne designs, 9. feather love photography, 10. with this ring, 11. affordable utah weddings, 12. flickr:camille styles, 13. just be splendid
Okay, apart from that, a garden wedding is supposed to be fun & bright, right? So the colour theme would have to be bright & cute colours! Okay, I have yet to decide on anything & maybe I better make an inspiration photo for this too.
I totally it!!!! I really hope we can pull it off.

*Isn’t it fun when you get all excited, tickled & smiling so wide just by thinking/talking about your wedding? I’m pretty sure I’ll miss all this once it all comes to an end. I would have to start talking about other stuff then. Hehe. *

Oh boy, let’s just stop typing already..

Hope you guys enjoyed this post & maybe are inspired by it too.  =)
, jM


Eid Mubarak.

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Maaf zahir & batin.
I am truly sorry for all the wrong doings I may have caused intentionally/unintentionally that have hurt you in any ways, I beg for your forgiveness on this holy day.
Forgive & forget whatever that has happened in the past & make the best out of the future years to come. InsyaAllah.  =)

* Rendang, lodeh, ketupat..all the various biscuits, especially tat nenas..I’m here! Hehe...

Have a wonderful Eid!
, jM