kek batik & detik.

On Saturday night, I joined Sadal, Ibu, Atiqah & Aqilah & went to watch Sadal's sister; Ana perform in Detik (after a quite tiring outing with my colleagues, Ain & Elly in Sunway Lagoon plus yummy Ayam Penyek at Wong Solo in Ampang).

The show was great! Loved it. I tip my hat to you guys who made it a success.
Great job guys.

I am crazy for Atiqah's (Sadal's 2nd sister) kek batik!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making some for me (which i immediately ate after watching Detik)! mwwwaaa!
You're the best!

Oh, We also went to Al Rawsha Restaurant after the show too.  =)
I ate my favourite; chicken mandy!

Well, okay.
It's late & I have got to sleep.
Tomorrow's a working day (boo). Haha.
Till my next update, bye.

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