Tok kadi, state religious office, witnesses & maskahwin.

Need to book a tok kadi as soon as I know the dates (at least 2 months prior) & remind him of the timing & venue 1 week & 2 days prior to the wedding day. Make sure we have the fees ready too.

To register at the state religious office of Putrajaya.

Prepare the lafaz akad nikah (is practicing beforehand better?).

To identify my witnesess, which I already know who I want, none other than my dad’s 2 brothers of course...uncle Kamal & uncle Seth. Read somewhere that you have to pay a certain fee to them, hmm..I should check with my uncles & sister as they were her's as well.

Maskahwin is another thing I need to check, I’m not familiar with Putrajaya’s fee.

That'll be all. Toodles.

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